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A list of the available OSS in Oman

Invest Easy

Business (Invest Easy)

The Invest Easy portal (One Stop Shop) provides fast and easy e-services to help set up and manage companies in Oman. Using the e-services helps minimize paperwork and save costs and time.


Customs (Bayan)

Bayan system is an online one-stop-shop offered by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) - Directorate General of Customs that facilitates seamless, convenient and fast clearance of goods for trading communities.



Ministry of Manpower provides a single online platform to the Citizens and Business Owners to find services related information and apply for those services through a unified and easy to use application.

Online Services

A list of online services sorted by the service provider

Service Description

The objective of this internal service within the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning is to provide a detailed survey for a land plot to the requesting department. This detailed survey includes gathering coordinates around the land plot, reviewing the surrounding area, examining adjacent landmarks that might affect it (e.g., a neighboring valley affecting the land plot), and collecting information about buildings on the land plot if necessary. This service can be requested while submitting applications for other services offered by the Urban Planning Department by the applicants. The detailed survey aims to confirm the natural features on-site and to reconcile them with the Ministry's maps. It also takes into account any factors that might impact the applicant's study or a specific service within the Ministry, such as verifying the presence of elevations (hills or mountains) or depressions (valleys or descents) on the location, and checking for services that haven't been marked on the Ministry's maps yet.

  1. The plot details to be uploaded:
  2. title
  3. Surveying
  4. Request for studying.
  5. Documents used during service processing
  6. Autocad maps are updated to reach the site.
  7. Clarify the request in guidance.
  8. Add a note to refer the request to the detailed scheme preparation section.
  9. Receive the request and determine the priority and the degree of urgency by the head of the department.
  10. Determining business priority and setting two surveyors to visit the site based on the information collected.
  11. Visit the site concerned by the survey technician, stand on the ground and implement the detailed upload of data
  12. Detailed for the concerned site.
  13. Preparing and adopting technical report for the site.
  14. Study the service from the Urban Planning Department.
  15. Update surveying graphics for the site concerned by the Survey and Maps Department.
  1. Approval initially with a study of a specific service.
  1. beneficiary
  2. The applicant is attended by the office of Oman Post Company/ website.
  3. Semi-electronic
  4. day
  5. Specialist
  6. - Check the documents -A field visit if required. -The specialized painter issuance of Sketch.
  7. Semi-electronic
  8. day
  9. Decision maker
  10. They drew the new surveying drawing
  11. electronic
  12. day

Customers Service

Customer Service Number

80000099 968+

Working hours (call center / customer services)

07:30 AM -02:30 PM -2: 30 PM -10: 00 PM