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Invest Easy

Business (Invest Easy)

The Invest Easy portal (One Stop Shop) provides fast and easy e-services to help set up and manage companies in Oman. Using the e-services helps minimize paperwork and save costs and time.


Customs (Bayan)

Bayan system is an online one-stop-shop offered by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) - Directorate General of Customs that facilitates seamless, convenient and fast clearance of goods for trading communities.



Ministry of Manpower provides a single online platform to the Citizens and Business Owners to find services related information and apply for those services through a unified and easy to use application.

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Service Description

Approval and Renewal of Accreditation for Aviation Medicine Specialists and Licensed Medical Practitioners by the Ministry of Health in Oman, granted by the Omani Civil Aviation Authority, to conduct medical examinations and issue medical fitness certificates for aircraft crews and air traffic controllers.

  1. Academic and work certificates
  2. Medical equipment for aviation medical examinations
  3. Periodic maintenance certificates for medical equipment
  1. Availability of the highest levels of accuracy and professionalism with medical examination procedures
  1. beneficiary
  2. The doctor who wishes to accredit or renew the credit in writing is submitted to the Director of the Air Safety at the Civil Aviation Authority for his desire to accredit or renew his approval to conduct medical examinations for aircraft and air observers, and therefore a request form is sent by the body to fill it and then send it to the body to study it
  3. electronic
  4. 5 working days
  5. Decision maker
  6. After receiving the application form by the body, the Aviation Medicine Adviser studies it and is certain of the fulfillment of the conditions for accreditation or renewal, and then the applicant is called for the personal interview with the advisor in the body to verify his scientific and expertise eligibility in the field of aviation medicine, and after that the clinic is visited by the applicant to verify the location of the clinic Medical and administrative devices and their conformity with the requirements stipulated in CAR-FCL3
  7. Non-electronic
  8. 10 working days
  9. Specialist
  10. After the sufficient study and field visit, and verify all the documents, the recommendation of the Director of the Air Safety in the Authority was recommended by the Advisor to the Aviation Medicine in the appropriate decision regarding accreditation
  11. Semi-electronic
  12. 10 working days
  13. Decision maker
  14. The applicant is notified by the email attached to the accreditation certificate and the approval message
  15. electronic
  16. 30 days

Customers Service

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24354433 968+

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07:30 AM - 02:30 PM