One-stop-shop services platform

A list of the available OSS in Oman

Invest Easy

Business (Invest Easy)

The Invest Easy portal (One Stop Shop) provides fast and easy e-services to help set up and manage companies in Oman. Using the e-services helps minimize paperwork and save costs and time.


Customs (Bayan)

Bayan system is an online one-stop-shop offered by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) - Directorate General of Customs that facilitates seamless, convenient and fast clearance of goods for trading communities.



Ministry of Manpower provides a single online platform to the Citizens and Business Owners to find services related information and apply for those services through a unified and easy to use application.

Online Services

A list of online services sorted by the service provider

Service Description

The program caters to small and medium enterprises, aspiring entrepreneurs with creative ideas and innovative projects, as well as those on the verge of establishing their businesses. It offers a comprehensive package of essential resources and technical services to foster project growth and establishment. These include consulting, training, marketing, as well as support for incubated projects during their initial launch stages.

  1. • Workplan
  2. • A commercial registration (submitted after approval to incubator)
  3. • Assignment (for at least one partner, and is provided after approval to incubator)
  1. • To be Omani nationality
  2. • Passing the applicant to meet the Committee to accept the usufruct requests in the commission's incubators.
  3. • The owner of the institution or all partners in the company to manage the project is completely free.
  4. • The applicant should not be the owner of an institution or partner in another company.
  5. • The number of employees in the company should not exceed 4 employees, including the applicant.
  6. • The applicant should not be beneficial or previously obtained from one of the incubators of other government agencies.
  7. • The employer's commitment to attend the programs attached to the service, such as training, guidance and consulting.
  8. • The request and the signing of the use contract are considered null in the event that it is proven that it is contrary to any of the previous conditions.
  1. beneficiary
  2. Submit the embracing request through the authority’s website and attach the action plan.
  3. electronic
  4. instant
  5. Specialist
  6. A preliminary evaluation of the project and its suitability with embracing and determining the type of incubation
  7. Non-electronic
  8. Two weeks
  9. Decision maker
  10. Transferring the application to the competent committee to sort the applications and inform the applicant's outcome of the committee's result, whether by acceptance or rejection, with a statement of the reasons
  11. Semi-electronic
  12. instant

Customers Service

Customer Service Number

22022222 968+

Working hours (call center / customer services)

07:30 AM - 02:30 PM