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The Invest Easy portal (One Stop Shop) provides fast and easy e-services to help set up and manage companies in Oman. Using the e-services helps minimize paperwork and save costs and time.


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Bayan system is an online one-stop-shop offered by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) - Directorate General of Customs that facilitates seamless, convenient and fast clearance of goods for trading communities.



Ministry of Manpower provides a single online platform to the Citizens and Business Owners to find services related information and apply for those services through a unified and easy to use application.

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Obtaining a permit for the fueling station's location and studying the proposed entrances and exits that connect the station to the surrounding roads.

  1. - Form for requesting a license to establish a fuelling station (obtained from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment Promotion).
  2. - Temporary license form establishing a fuelling station, obtained from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment Promotion.
  3. - Site sketch.
  4. - Suggested entrances and exits.
  1. - On the contract of the project, the horse on the approvals and permits of the excavation on the competent authorities, then submit to obtain a separate laboratory to carry out the excavation work outside the cutting limits of this administration, before the work.
  2. - On the contractor executing the fee for the approval of the other concerned agencies, then the construction license (major permissibility) was issued by the building of the construction of the building in the municipality of Muscat; That is before the start to implement the project.
  3. - That the money bear the responsibility of conducting any changes in the interventions and exits of the station if the necessity calls for that, in order to preserve the public safety and the representation of the traffic movement.
  4. - That the money bearing the resurrection of the periodic maintenance work for all the methods of methods executed in what is in the way of the methods of the methods, when it has called for the necessity for that and according to the requirements of the municipal municipalities.
  5. - All works related to roads must be done according to the Omani specifications of the roads.
  6. - To take into account the work of the rainwater drainage channels for the plant, entrances and exits.
  7. - The General Directorate of Projects and Affairs of the Municipality of Muscat should be notified after the completion of all the work to carry out the final examination.
  8. - The municipality of Muscat does not bear any financial consequences of carrying out these work.
  9. - The municipality reserves the right to change the entrances and exits if necessary to expand the roads in the future.
  1. beneficiary
  2. The Marketing Company for Oil Products is an example (Shell, Nafat Amman, Al -Maha and others) in attendance or via email: or with a form of «licensing license to establish a filling station and fuel» and the form is the horse on it Before the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment Promotion, the royal and the first place and the initial plan for the influencing leading to the station will be accompanied by it.
  3. Semi-electronic
  4. a work day
  5. Specialist
  6. The position of the station and the influence that leads to it is reviewed, and make sure that it is not conflicting with intersections, entrances, or exterminors surrounding it, or the receptive expansion of the surrounding roads, and its lack of influence on the safety and humanity of the movement of the traffic in the ways surrounding it with what the descriptions are due A way to finish the methods, as it is confirmed that it does not contradict the site The station or outlets leading to it with the pupils.
  7. electronic
  8. 5 working days
  9. Specialist
  10. The oil marketing company is submitted after the process of all observations received by the “temporary license request for a station and a fuel” and after confirming the treatment of all notes and transfer on the approval of the concerned agencies, the form is filled with approval and the corporation through the speeches of the company Oil marketing clarifies public conditions.
  11. electronic
  12. 4 working days

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