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Invest Easy

Business (Invest Easy)

The Invest Easy portal (One Stop Shop) provides fast and easy e-services to help set up and manage companies in Oman. Using the e-services helps minimize paperwork and save costs and time.


Customs (Bayan)

Bayan system is an online one-stop-shop offered by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) - Directorate General of Customs that facilitates seamless, convenient and fast clearance of goods for trading communities.



Ministry of Manpower provides a single online platform to the Citizens and Business Owners to find services related information and apply for those services through a unified and easy to use application.

Online Services

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Service Description

The pension dues were disbursed to those who are entitled to the heirs of the deceased retired, in accordance with the provisions of the post -service pension and rewards law for the Omani government employees.

  1. 1- A form for determining the heirs of the fund approved by the Sheikh and the Wali
  2. 2- The legal notification issued by the court
  3. 3- The account of the heirs
  4. 4- The legitimate agency to receive the pension
  5. 5- The personal cards of the beneficiaries and the legal agent
  6. 6- Death certificate of the pensioner
  7. 7- A certificate proving the receipt of another pension, if any
  8. 8- Data and undertaking of the agent
  1. 1- Providing all documents related to the disbursement of the pension for the heirs, as shown in the previous item
  2. 2- Certification of the documents issued from outside the Sultanate
  3. 3- Not combining two pensions
  1. beneficiary
  2. The beneficiary submits the application along with attaching all the required documents either electronically or in-person
  3. Semi-electronic
  4. 10 minutes
  5. Specialist
  6. The concerned employee reviews the documents, and if there are any remarks, the application is returned to the beneficiary with detailed remarks for necessary adjustments. If the application is found to be complete and accurate, it is duly recorded and referred to the relevant department
  7. Non-electronic
  8. 25 minutes
  9. Specialist
  10. The concerned employee enters the requested data into the system and approves the disbursement by the direct supervisor
  11. Semi-electronic
  12. 10-20 minutes depending on the type of transaction completed

Customers Service

Customer Service Number

80070006 968+

Working hours (call center / customer services)

07:30 AM - 02:30 PM