A Thriving Digital Economy



The digital economy refers to an economy driven by digital technologies, encompassing various components such as technological infrastructure, hardware, software, and networks. It also encompasses the digital mechanisms used for conducting commercial and economic activities, including e-commerce and online transactions conducted exclusively over the Internet


The National Program for Digital Economy


The National Program for Digital Economy aims at cultivating a robust digital economy by establishing a secure advanced infrastructure that facilitates digital government that harmonizes with economic and social development plans. The Program is  designed to address future needs and sustainability in alignment with Oman's Vision 2040.
The Program outlines  main pillars, executive programs and action plans in addition to medium and long-term targets aligned  with  Oman Vision 2040. The three pillars  of the program are: 

● First pillar: accelerating the transition to digital smart government 
● Second pillar: enhancing the digital society 
● Third pillar: enabling business digitalization  

National Program for Digital Economy


Executive programs (2021-2025)


1- Digital transformation (Arabic Only)
2- AI and advanced technologies 
3- Cybersecurity Industry (Hadatha) (Arabic Only) 
4- Space 
5- Digital Industry
6- Fintech
7- Infrastructure
8- e-Commerce