Oman, an Arab country in the Southeastern coast of Arab Peninsula in Asia. It is boarded by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest. It also overlooks the Arabian Sea on the southeast and the Oman Sea on the northeast. This ideal vast location opens a channel of political, economic, and cultural communication with others. It is the third largest country in the peninsula, with an area amounts to 30.9500 km, and a population of almost 2.867 million. Arabic is the official language of Oman, with a wide use of English language as accredited one. Islam is its religion, among the spread of other religions like Christianity and Buddhism. Oman is ruled by Sultan Qaboos Bin Said since 1970 and it is absolute monarchy. Its capital is Muscat and its official currency is Riyal (OMR).

The Sultanate is deemed one of the most diverse countries geographically. It consist of a mix of sandy desserts, fertile plains, and green mountains in the south of the country in fall. Its valley and oasis extend over large areas as well. This geographical diversity contributes in climate change among governorates.

In addition, the Sultanate’s political and economic stability attracts local and foreign investments and promote its industries, which increases its economy as well.