The United Nations Development Program that was established in New York in 1965 operates in more than 170 counties to help people build a better life. The UNDP aims mainly at supporting developing counties and the least developed countries to encourage global sustainable development and to achieve Millennium Development Goals. To accomplish such objectives, UNDP exerts its efforts in reducing poverty and eliminating inequalities and exclusion. UNDP also focuses on protecting human rights and empowering women in all its programs. Moreover, it helps counties draw on their development policies and strategies.

With the basic contribution from Spain government, UNDP creates the SDG Fund, an international cooperation mechanism that support sustainable development, in an attempt to move the Millennium Development Goals toward Sustainable Development Goals for the future by providing the world with experience on “how” to reach sustainability post 2015. UNDP also has a partnership with BCtA (Business Call to Action), a cooperation that encourages companies to develop new business models that achieve sustainable development and commercial success, to speed up the progress of the Millennium Goals.

UNDP is funded by voluntary contributions from member nations, where it has offices to work with local governments in order to overcome development challenges. Currently, UNDP is one of the main UN agencies involved in the development of the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

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