In this electronic era, E-Inclusion ensures that no member of the community is left behind in leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for enhancing their life within the digital society of the modern era. This is achieved by making efforts to promote ICT that enables access to information and services whereby everyone has equal opportunity to seek employment, participate in social activities and improve their quality of life. 

The eOman vision of the Sultanate of Oman encompasses every member of the community in its comprehensive ICT-based development programs. In addition to all its community-centric projects, it also plans and executes exclusive projects with special consideration to the needs of different groups within the society such as the children, women, older and disabled-people, rural minoritiesand others.
E-inclusion vision offers the following benefits:

  • Women get equal opportunity to educate themselves and build skills that prepare them to take up challenging job opportunities
  • Remote areas of the Sultanate of Oman with thin density of population are not left-behind in the projects to create a digital culture
  • Parentsand children are enabled to use the Internet effectively, safely and face the possible security threats
  • Aged people are assured of access to healthcare facilities and are able access to online information independently
  • Disabled people are able to lively independently using assistive technologies and lead a dignified life just like anyone else
The Information Technology Authority of Oman (ITA) pioneers several e.oman digital society projects to promote social cohesion within various sectors and clusters of the community. It participates and supports initiatives undertaken by government organisations and other non-profit organisations supporting various social causes. For its comprehensive efforts, the United Nations Public service award from the website United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN). Some of the e-inclusions projects are being implemented under the umbrella of e.oman for some groups as listed below: