Environmental Tips and Advices

In this section, we offer tips and advice for citizens and residents in the Sultanate of Oman to ensure environment preservation. The following tips have been adapted from "Fifty Simple Things You Can Do to Save Oman's Environment" Second Edition, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs.

Save our water
1Use only as much water as you need when washing
  • Keep your showers short
  • Try not to turn the tap on full
2Fill the sink with water when washing dishes rather than leaving the tap running
  • Did you know that if you leave the tap running when you brush your teeth you could easily use more than 20 liters of water?
3Turn off dripping taps
  • Make sure that leaking pipes or taps are fixed quickly
Save Energy
4Only turn on lights when you need them
  • Use natural daylight instead of turning on lights
  • Switch off lights when you leave a room
5Use your air conditioning efficiently
  • Turn off individual air conditioning units in rooms you are not using
  • Keep doors closed when air conditioning is on
Minimize Waste
6Re-use plastic bags
  • Avoid throwing away plastic bags unnecessarily
  • Take plastic bags with you when you go shopping and re-use them for packing
  • Use plastic bags you have around the house for rubbish
Express your views on the environment
7Enter environmental competitions
  • Every year the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs organizes a national painting competition on the environment for all school children in Oman
8Write to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs with your questions and comments
  • Your letter can be addressed to:
    Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs
    Pollution Operations Monitoring Centre
    Tel: + 968 2 4693666
    Fax: + 968 2 4691082
    Ministry of Fisheries Wealth
    General Directorate of Fisheries Resources Development
9Become a member of the Environment Society of Oman and get involved with projects helping to promote the conservation of Oman's environment! For more information, click 
10Pass these tips on to family, friends and colleagues! 

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