Environmental Service

A number of government entities offers services for citizens who practice any activities related to environment directly or indirectly: First, Ministry of Environment and Climatic Affairs offers the following services

  1. Issuance of Environmental Licenses for Projects Listed in the Ministerial Resolution .
  2. Issue Annual Permits for Diving for individuals .
  3. Issue Permits for daily Diving .
  4. Issuing licenses for Importing/ Exporting Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
  5. Issuing licenses for practicing Diving, and for Diving Companies and Clubs .
  6. Permit for collecting specimen of natural life for scientific purposes.
  7. Permit for gathering and transporting firewood.

Second, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources offers many services

  1. Request permit to extract underground well water in the regions.
  2. Request permit to maintain Aflaj and Springs in the Regions.
  3. Proof of well ownership in the Regions.

Third, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

  1. Request for Agricultural Waste Grinding Machine.
  2. Establish protective walls for farmlands.
  3. Fishing Practicing License.
  4. Request for spraying machines.

Report Environmental issues 

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources offers a hotline service for reporting environmental issues: 24600700

It also offers complaints page in its website for reporting municipal and water issues:
Report municipal issues
Report water issues


Oman is considered a newborn to the world of recycling, for it recycles 26% of paper, 12% of plastic, 11% of metal and 5% of glass only. However, some initiative was carried out in this regard.

Government and non-government institutions are taking part in recycling in Oman, and are seeking a greener Oman through enhancing recycling methods, some of those intuitions are:

  • Environment Society of Oman : It is one of the leading environmental NGO and promotes a number of recycling projects.
  • Oman Holding Company for Environment Services SAOC : A company that manages different types of waste and is ready to discuss business plans with entrepreneurs interested in investing in the field of waste recycling.
  • Haya Water: It is a company works on reusing water to save groundwater and reduce water pollution.
  • As for minerals recycling, Sohar aluminum is the pioneer in this field in Oman and the company believes that “OMAN HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME REGIONAL CENTRE FOR ALUMINIUM RECYCLING IN THE GCC.”
  • Muscat Daily: It is one of the institutions that recycle paper.

If you would like your paper waste to be recycled, you can contact them through: Muscat Daily Environmental Awareness Campaign To recycle any paper (including old newspapers), please contact the Recycling Team on 80076000 (toll-free in Oman) on Sundays to Thursdays from 8am to 6pm. This is a free service for residents of Muscat, Sohar, Sur, Salalah and Nizwa.