The sultanate is a home of diverse environments that varies between mountains, valleys (wadies), deserts and coasts. This diversity had led to rich biological and climatic variations that are very unique in all parts of the Arabian Peninsula. Being aware of the important role of this diversity for the future development of Oman, H.M. Sultan Qaboos has spared no effort to protect and maintain the Omani environment, and furthermore the Arabian and the international environments for the coming generations.

As the Omani environment considered as a national value, the Sultanate had achieved a lot at the levels of setting and implementing environmental, laws, policies, plans and programs. This is to ensure a good level of protection for the Omani environment. It also contributes to controlling pollution, as well as the weather forecasting to provide better management of the extreme weather conditions.

The Sultanate is preventing many potential hazards resulted from the constant climate change which affects the natural and economic systems. Thus, the Sultanate is prepared to manage the hazards of climate changes through applying many precautions and making national strategies that are designed to decrease the emissions of Greenhouse gases‏ and lead to an adjustment with the expected impacts to face the potential hazards.

Highlighting its profound interest and efforts on issues related to environment and climate affairs, the Sultanate has made many accomplishments in the same regard such as signing the national conventions of climate change topics, issuing a Ministerial Decree No. 41/2008 regarding the formation of the Steering Committee for Coordination and Supervision of the implementation of skill building project in the field of climate change.

This project is carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs with cooperation with the UN development Programme and it is designed according to national certified studies and the UN guidelines in the same regard. This is achieved through collecting and preparing the information that will be included in the report presented to the UN.

You can learn about our Environment, its components, issues concerned with each of our own lifestyle that impacts our environment, tips and advices to preserve and conserve the environment of Oman as well the planet and how to be a role model environmentalist, etc. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs has published several books and some of these are available online as e-books.

Many non-governmental efforts were also spent to support governmental efforts in preserving the environment, including establishing NGOs, like: Environment society of Oman (ESO) and the  Oman Green Awards . The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, represented in the Minister, is responsible for issuing environmental laws according to environmental interests or upon issuing Royal Decrees, and the General Directorates of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs are responsible for developing and implementing environmental laws, each according to its competence:

  • General Directorate of Nature conservation: Developing and implementing laws of natural reserves, marine environment and biodiversity.
  • General Directorate of Environmental Affairs: Implementing environmental development plans and follow-up with the national strategy for protecting environment and is responsible for inspecting and controlling environment.
  • Directorate-General of Climate Affairs: Preparation of plans and policies related to climate and monitoring climate changes.