Ministry of Transport, communications and Information Technology

The Ministry of Transport, communications and Information Technology is the highest office for e-Government strategy and its implementations in the Sultanate of Oman. Its main mission is to facilitate and lead government e-service implementations thereby enhancing the efficiency of public sector using modern technology and creating a digitally-enabled society in Oman.

Role of MTCIT as CIO

The role of MTCIT as the Chief Information Office of Oman includes responsibilities such as building required digital-literate human resources for successful implementation and adoption of Government e-serviceswith the aim to increase citizens' engagement. It aids the ministries and other government entities in successful implementation of their IT projects.

The MTCIT further aims to reduce the cost of IT expenditure of government agencies by offering expert consultation at all stages of their IT projects. Towards this it undertakes strategic projects such as the Unified Government network, ePayment Gateway, Government eServices Portal, Electronic Transactions Law, Oman eGovernance framework, National IT Training framework, Information Security etc.

MTCIT administration

MTCIT is headed by a Chairman and his Board of Directors assisted by the Chief Executive Officer. MTCIT is structured as the following specialized units: Strategic Planning Division, Governance & Advisory Division, Digital Society Development Division, Infrastructure & e-Services Division, Information & Awareness Division, Center for Information Security (CIS) and the Security and Quality control division. In essence the Ministry of Transport, communications and Information Technology of Oman functions as Chief Information Office, for the Government eServices. Detailed functions of the above divisions of MTCIT are given below:

Strategic Planning Division

This is the division that is primarily concerned with strategic planning, proposing project relatedinitiatives and managing the MTCIT master plan. It is also concerned with investment analysis,project budgeting and MTCIT total resource management. Data and information drawn from thissector is used to analyze the return on investment and the impact of IT initiatives.

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Governance and Advisory Division

This division aims to ensure implementing initiatives, projects and IT systems (in progress) according to unified and predetermined specifications and standards including the Oman e-Governance framework. It also aims to guide all government institutions in the Sultanate to adopt these standards and specifications when implementing IT systems with service catalogues and a guide to implementing the e-transactions laws.This division provides technical support to government agencies in applying and implementing ICT systems. It also coordinates MTCIT’s relations with other agencies and bodies in the Sultanate.

Digital Society Development Division

This division aims to develop the IT industry in the Sultanate. It is responsible for managingprojects and initiatives, which target developing the society and transforming it into a digitalsociety. Moreover, this division implements digital awareness projects in addition to organizing awareness campaigns, training programs, seminars and workshops. It also pursues thedevelopment of ICT in the Sultanate.

Infrastructure and eServices Division

This division aims to develop and implement IT infrastructure and direct eServices and applicationsas well as facilities and utilities used by government organizations to provide eServices to thesociety. It is also responsible for designing the MTCIT’s IT infrastructure. Moreover, it has beenmodeled according to the technical architecture proposed in the Digital Oman Strategy.

Information and Awareness Division

This division aims to educate the populace about the e.oman initiative and promote it locallyand globally through events, awareness campaigns, and various media and publications.The division is also responsible for public relations in addition to international relations andcooperation between the MTCIT and similar international organizations in different countries ofthe world. The division is also responsible for collecting and updating IT-related statistics anddata in the Sultanate.

Centre for Information Security (CIS)

The CIS sets standards, criteria, policies and procedures to ensure information security. The CIScontinuously develops security measures and procedures, and acts as a think tank providingtechnical and knowledge support in this field.