Chief Data Office

The National Centre for Statistics and Information

The NCSI is the entity responsible for providing the official statistics and documented information to be used in setting policies and programs on a national, regional and international level; it also meets the requirements of all entities in obtaining information pertaining to the fields of development.

The Role of NCSI as the CDO

As the CDO in the Sultanate of Oman, the Centre exercises many competences as per the Royal Decree No. 40/2014 Issuing the System of the National Centre for Statistics and Information, such as:

  1. Providing supervision over the management and organization of statistical and informational work in the Sultanate.
  2. The proposal and implementation of statistical and informational strategy.
  3. The coordination with the state agencies in this area.
  4. The collection of data used to be utilized whenever the need arises.
  5. Ensuring there is harmony between the statistical and informational work and the national development objectives.
  6. The conduction of national censuses.
  7. The creation and publishing social, economic, environmental and cultural indicators.
  8. The publishing and making the information and the official national statistics available on both the national and international levels.
  9. The establishment and management of an integrated system of social and economic information on the national level to meet the various development requirements.
  10. The establishment of indicators in order to measure the development performance in the Sultanate.

NCSI Portal

The objective of this portal is to improve the statistical awareness & boost collective knowledge through the delivery of accurate information to all spectrums of society including governmental institutions, private sector organizations and individuals. Through this portal, the Center provides many digital editions & smart phone applications available for all and characterized with a group of services represented in providing websites for the most prominent service establishments like schools, medical centers and ATMs. The Center also provides indexes concerning to population and their structure at the various administrative levels in the Sultanate and also displays an interactive map showing institutions in both types, whether services sectors or trade sectors at the different levels of administration in the Sultanate and the possibility of pinpointing the required service or landmark.

Statistical Data Portal

The portal provides statistical data and indicators of a modern social and environmental nature about the Sultanate of Oman and aims to provide and promote knowledge creation and support decision making process for both the government sector responsible for setting plans and Strategies for the advancement of Omani economy and the private sector.