Foreign Embassies in Oman

Oman’s foreign policy is based on four principles:

  • The development and maintenance of good relations with all Oman’s neighbors
  • An outward looking and internationalist outlook, as befits Oman’s geographic location and longstanding maritime traditions
  • A pragmatic approach to bilateral relations, emphasizing underlying geostrategic realities rather than temporary ideological positions
  • The search for security and stability through cooperation and peace, rather than conflict

These principles have been consistently applied and have proved both valuable and durable. Oman’s adherence to these principles has allowed foreign policy to be flexible and to meet the challenges of the new international environment with confidence.

Here is a list of foreign consulates and embassies in Oman along with their contact details and working hours, arranged as geographic groups. 

America’s Embassies in Oman  
European embassies in Oman 
African embassies in Oman  
Asian embassies in Oman 

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - As on 2nd May 2011