Diplomatic Institute in Oman

The Diplomatic Institute of Oman:

It prepares the foreign ministry staff through in-house and external academic courses to develop of their capabilities and skills and equip them with the necessary tools to deal effectively and efficiently with all political economic, economic, social and technological aspects of diplomacy. The Diplomatic Institute's courses are intended to enable the participants to differentiate theory from practice. Train other ministries' staff whose duties involve diplomacy. Encourage Omani diplomatic and non-diplomatic experts to contribute their scientific works to the diplomatic and humanities references.

The Program:

The Diplomatic Institute  offers general and specialized courses in addition to lectures, seminars and workshops. Several specialized courses on selected topics are organized annually that the Diplomatic Institute staff consider should be covered by the participant in greater depth. The Diplomatic Institute also prepares annual courses for diplomats who are about to be transferred to the Sultanate's embassies and missions overseas. 

Their spouses too are given courses to familiarize them with the Sultanate's foreign policy principles and directives as well as diplomatic rules, regulations and social etiquette.

In its endeavors to prepare the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's new personnel to be aware of their own environment and to be able to meet the diplomatic challenges of the new millennium, the Diplomatic Institute offers intensive courses on the Sultanate's foreign policy principles and government institutions' functions as well as international politics and diplomacy. The Diplomatic Institute also hosts one or two day lectures covering a wide range of topics. The Diplomatic Institute in addition, organizes diplomatic courses annually for its junior and senior staff respectively. 

Teaching and Assessment:

Courses at the Diplomatic Institute are taught through lectures, seminars and workshops. In its efforts to motivate participants to work hard and not lose interest in the taught subjects, the Diplomatic Institute assigns research topics that are duly assessed following their completion. 


In keeping with the Diplomatic Institute's principal goal, elevating the course participants' culture, experienced diplomats from the Sultanate's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ministers, undersecretaries, senior officials from government units, accredited ambassadors to the Sultanate and academics are invited to deliver lectures. The Diplomatic Institute also extends invitations to distinguished diplomats and eminent scholars, scientists, government and non-government officials from brotherly and friendly countries to talk in their area of expertise and specialization.
< and>In addition to the training requirements, the diplomatic Institute prepares studies and research work as well as translates, assesses and analyzes reports and studies prepared by academic institutions and international think-tanks. Noteworthy books are also examined and translated into Arabic. 

Source: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs As on date 2nd May 2011