Information Security Center

Information Security Division (ISD) was established under the Information Technology Authority to be the pioneer in providing the quality of government information security in Oman. It is responsible for setting regulations and policies related to cyber security. It functions to enhance and improve security solutions to guarantee the continuity of governmental and individual entities businesses and protect them. ISD raises awareness about information security and related issues and works according to international standards and practices. It organizes workshops, seminars and conferences in this field. It, as well, works closely to provide the government with many services such as secure communication, secure web portals, secure Internet access, end-point security, security operations, and security assessment.

ISD offers a number of services for individuals, government and business sectors such as:

  1. Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality in preserving citizens’ data.
  2. Protecting the governmental systems from external risks.
  3. Providing safe access to obtain the governmental eservices.

Here are some statistics on ISD’s performance according to ITA’s Annual Report 2014:

  • Performed 31 comprehensive security assessments to different government entities.
  • Prevented and analyzed:
    • 2,161,183 malicious attempts against government portals.
    • 133,172,178 malicious attempts against government networks.
    • 330,582 web violations and sent detailed analysis reports to the respective government organizations.
  • Scanned 27 IPs and discovered 169 vulnerabilities through ISD Security Assessment Service and sent detailed reports to organizations with recommendations to fix them.
  • Analyzed 632 Spywares and 38,679 malicious wares to determine the main cause of infection and prevent it from the source.
  • Investigated and solved 330 availability and performance incidents and implemented 199 change requests related to the services provided to various government organizations.
  • Spent a total of 2691.61 hours with different government entities to discuss topics on security engineering, security consulting, security assessment, and others.
  • Escalated 9 security incidents to OCERT for legal action.
  • Secured 5 additional web portals (PASFR and PSO, GFOTU, eHeatlh, Arab names portal).


ISD also has participated in a number of events such as COMEX 2013 and the 14th Expo-Sciences International (ESI 2013) Forum in Abu Dhabi. In addition, it delivered many presentations in different topics such as the cloud security issues, the design of secured eservices.