Wages Protection System (WPS)

Wages Protection System (WPS) is an electronic salary transfer system that allows companies in Oman to pay workers’ wages through banks or financial institutions approved and authorized to provide the service. WPS allows MOMP to create a database that records wage payments in the private sector to guarantee the timely and full payment of agreed-upon wages. WPS covers all companies registered with MOMP across all sectors and industries and will benefit different categories of Manpower.


  • Protect the rights of the manpower which prescribed by law and to provide them with safe work environment.
  • Enhance the reputation of the Sultanate in international organizations, and the sending countries of foreign labor by maintaining workers' rights.
  • The stability of the relationship between the employer and the worker.
  • Direct identification of the cases of delayed payment of wages and thus try to resolve the problem before access to the work stoppage or even over labor strikes.




Wages Protection System (WPS)



  • Resolves Wages related Grievances faster.
  • Supports in blocking Companies till issues are resolved.
  • Reduces cost of investigation .
  • Tracking Company History
  • Important parameter for:
    • Clearance related decision making
    • Scheduling Inspections


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