The Unified Addressing System

The importance of providing a Unified Addressing System lies upon its role in achieving the Geo-Enabled Digital Transformation sought by the Sultanate. The National Center for Statistics and Information has worked hand-in-hand with several government entities to create a Unified Addressing System that aims at numbering the buildings and unifying streets’ addresses. The idea of the system can be summarized in developing a centralized addressing database for the Sultanate of Oman. This database should be integrated with the various government applications that require the addresses of individuals or buildings. All government entities are linked to deliver the services in Civil Statues sector, security and safety sector, municipal services sector, and logistics sector. The services include, for example; registering to vote, responding to emergencies, delivery of social care, delivery of packages, allocation of school places, and collection of waste.


  • Develop a centralized addressing database for the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Provide all buildings and residences’ addresses through the Database.
  • Integrate the database with various government applications which require the addresses of individuals or buildings.
  • Provide the Addressing Data to businesses in the private sector.
  • Standardize regulations and guidance Signage.


  • Facilitate the delivery of emergency services such as ambulance and civil defence.
  • Assist the supply of postal and telephone services, and electricity and water invoices.
  • Save time to reach the intended destination.
  • Prove house’s address in official records like; ID cards, residence permits, driving licenses and others.
  • Enable upcoming e-Census 2020.
  • Provide a source of statistical data and information, which helps in the proper practical planning of public services of education, health services, public transport methods and telephone, electricity, water and sanitation services.
  • Help in the planning and decision-making process related to urban expansion.

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