Oman Government Network

Oman Government Network


Is a network that enhances secure communication between government agencies and supports Ministry of Technology and Communications’s projects for building Oman Digital Society, Moreover, this network enhances the levels of services provided by government agencies by facilitating communication and coordination between them. And a team at the Ministry of Technology and Communications works on managing and following up with the project.

The network supports data, image and video exchange for its users to meet the terms and conditions of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure providing services smoothly. The network design grantees its ability to meet the future needs of its users and ensures providing integral electronic governmental services, as well as moving Oman closer to being a digital society.

Here are some of the services the ONG provides to its users:

  • Appliance for a new line of service.
  • Appliance for a change of service.
  • Raise or lower the service line capacity.
  • Change of a government entity website .
  • External linking between two government entities (which is one of the main services for which the OGN was established).


The OGN team at the MTC had gone a long way in the linking process, and so far more than 1000 sites have been linked. The team estimates that 90% of the government agencies are linked to the network and are already using it. The team is still working hard to link the rest of the entities to achieve a secure and an easy network for their users.

OGN benefits are:

  • Establishes a secure network that government entities can rely on.
  • Facilitates communication and coordination between government agencies.
  • Saves time and effort for government agencies in completing their transactions.
  • Ensures providing integrated electronic government services.
  • Supports Digital Oman projects and facilitates the transformation to eGovernment.

Source:Ministry of Technology and Communications