Manpower Systems (AMMS)

The Ministry of Manpower has exerted a great effort in achieving Digital Transformation Strategy. It has launched the Advanced Manpower Management Systems that fulfils the integration between 26 government entities. The system provides three main services with 28 sub-services: eEmployment, eWork Permit, eComplaint, and eClaim through various platforms, which are the Ministry’s website, Na’mal mobile application, and Sanad Service Centers. The projects serve all citizens, employers, private sector employees, or jobseekers. The statistics show that the systems interact with more than 179000 employers and more than 2 million employees in the private sector. In addition, the open data portal works as a data repository, which provides more than 40000 students’ data sets in seven Colleges of Technologies.


  • Reengineered Business Processes to achieve National and Organization objectives.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Automated Business Rules and Business validations to reduce human interventions.
  • Integrations with other agencies to get accurate live data from source and to reduce document attachments.
  • Automated notifications and alerts to service beneficiaries.
  • Automated BI reports and dashboards to provide more insights about the service.
  • Automated ROI calculations.


  • Facilitating the procedures of the Ministry’s services and reducing the number of visits of beneficiaries.
  • Reducing time and number of documents required for these services.
  • Applying the latest technologies such as PKI and ePayment.
  • Facilitating data access through the open data platform to develop research and prepare reports.


  • Winning HM award 2016, for best government e-services.
  • Winning HH Sheikh Salem AL Ali AL Sabah Informatics, 2017, for e-employment category.
  • Winning World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2017, for the e-operation category.

Some of the government entities integrated in the system: