Manafeth Statistical Gateway

Oman Trade Statistical Gateway or the International Trade website 'Manafeth' is an electronic gateway affiliated with the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) that reflects the import and export activities in Oman. It aims at providing official statistics and information on international trade to fulfill the mission of the NCSI to share knowledge, provide reliable and accurate data and statistics, and keep up with technology in collecting and providing statistical data.

The portal collects the information from Royal Oman Police, represented by the Directorate General of Customs, and a number of oil companies to meet the needs of those interested in trading data and to explore import and export opportunities. The published data in the Portal is of a great importance to the Omani economy for decision makers, economy planners, researchers, academics and organizations at the local, regional and international levels.

It includes a number of windows where several statistics in various forms are available, which are:

  • Foreign Trade.
  • Bilateral Trade.
  • Metadata.
  • Custom Data Query.

Through such data the Portal provides several services:

  • Detailed statistical data about the type of goods, its description, its value in the local currency, country of import or export, country of origin, customs outlet, and the type of trade.
  • Statistical data about the external trade of the Sultanate in terms of imports, exports, and re-exports.
  • Data about goods and customs outlets in addition to trading data with other countries.
  • An easy access to data with the option of downloading it.
  • Obtaining reports in form of numerical data or graphs that can be used in various statistical analysis.
  • A customized data request.

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