Environmental Permits System

Environmental Permits System


This system is part of the eTransformation Project implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs . It provides several permitting and licensing services as well as other environmental approvals needed for different projects through the integration with relevant government entities, like the Ministry of Commerce and Industry , and the utilization of the Central Initiatives provided by the  Ministry of Technology and Communications . The Platform is integrated with Invest Easy platform to provide the permits required for environmental projects and activities, and it is connected with Bayan Portal for permits related to the import and export of chemical and radioactive substances.

The System enables citizens and investors to issue environmental permits for over 800 commercial and industrial activities through the user’s ID number without the need to attach any further documents. It aims at promoting investment and providing high-quality services through easy and fast processes within a single window.

The Ministry’s eTransformation Project also included a re-engineering of the business processes for all its services. Currently, the number of eServices provided by the Ministry to the entities, citizens and the business sector is 51 eServices. Depending on the type of the permit, the processing time starts from 30 minutes for the services with medium environmental impact to 30 working days for services with great environmental impact.

The System mainly serves four sectors, which are:

  • Oil and gas.
  • Tourism.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Agriculture.


Since it was launched, the System has achieved the following:

  • Enabled the Ministry to redirect its efforts and resources to its core business.
  • Reduced the time taken for issuing permits and licenses.
  • Simplified processes and procedures to issue permits and licenses.
  • Enhanced coordination with other national platforms, such as Bayan and Invest Easy, to promote investment in Oman.
  • Eliminated all physical visits and documents required from MOCI and ROP.
  • Reduced the margin of error resulting from manual data entry and processing.
  • Increased transparency and trust.


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