E-Census 2020

E-Census is a system launched to collect integrated statistical information of population, housings, and establishments for the year 2020. It is based on administrative national registers linked electronically in an updateable platform. The e-census system is the first of its kind in the Sultanate after the previous censuses that were based on fieldwork.


The main objective of e-census 2020 is disseminating statistical data and indicators, related to population, housings, and establishments, that serve sustainable development in the Sultanate. Therefore, up-to-date data will be available for decision makers by the end of 2020. This objective will be achieved through:

  • High quality national database.
  • Integrated and electronically linked databases.
  • Comprehensiveness of all data related to population, housings and establishments.


  • Depends on administrative registers of various institutions.
  • Benefits all government and private institutions.
  • Provides continuously updateable data.
  • Ensures the quality in the target registers.
  • Saves cost and effort in the future censuses.
  • Helps to identify the key areas of improvement.

Main Phases of Implementing e-Census 2020

  • First Phase: Preparation (2017-2018): Preparing initial plans and methodologies to achieve the main objectives of the project, establishing operational strategies and forming specialized technical teams.
  • Second Phase: Data Preparation (2017 – 2019): Collecting related data, implementing the process of amending and matching, and preparing the main designs of databases through the establishment of laboratories that are specialized in storing and analyzing data.
  • Third Phase: Establishment of e-Census System (2018-2020): Establishing an electronic census system linked with the specified registers in the project, and ensuring their integration in order to achieve the national objectives.
  • Fourth Phase: Pilot Operation (2020): Completing the data dissemination system and its compatibility with the project’s statistics, and implementing the initial census model, which is concerned with obtaining preliminary indicators, reviewing and auditing.
  • Fifth Phase: System Delivery (2020): Activating all statistical systems, managing them with a specialized national workforce, then launching the e-Census system and publishing the reports related to statistical analysis of data according to the planned objectives.


E-Census 2020 Data Sources





Electronic Census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2020