Centers of Disease Control – Information System (CDCIS)

The CDCIS envisioned the project to build a central information system for all the centers of disease control. The information system is hosted in the MOH-HQ and will be available to all CDCs through the MOH health intranet (Health Net). The system will be integrated to the Ministry of Manpower (MMP) to query the employment clearance information and to the eventual upload of the screening status at the end of the process. The system will also be linked to ROP visa application and NRS system in order to update it regarding the fitness status of the employees after the screening. In addition to the information shared across the various stakeholders, the CDSCIS is managing the workflow within each CDC. This includes the registration of the applicant, the nursing process involved in the blood sample collection, routing the patient to the clinic with a token system, capturing examination details, ordering of lab investigations and procedures, lab sample collection and result entry, triggering the status update on applicant record based on the positive lab/radiological findings etc.


  • A central application system that stores and retrieves the employee health screening records.
  • Necessary web interfaces to record, the list and modify the records based on the user access.
  • The MMP system can be integrated with the CDCIS. A web service client will be developed to query the employee registration record from the Manpower system using the unique registration ID and store it to the CDC database.
  • Towards the end of the screening after an employee’s fitness status is updated, CDCIS will call another web service available with the Manpower system to update the fitness status. The changes to the status change if any, after the completion of the screening tests and further review can also be updated to the Manpower system using this service interface.
  • The MMP and ROP system can also query the employee fitness status using the CDCIS web services.
  • Advanced Query-by-Example (QBE) search options to list and collect statistics based on the conditions given.
  • The administrative users at MOH-HQ and the local CDC administrators to collect the key performance indicators.
  • Once an employee is screened at one CDC, the record can be marked as processed so as to prevent the employee visit another CDC to obtain a positive outcome so as to override a possible negative outcome of the screening already taken place.
  • Interface to MOH email and SMS systems to send notification messages to relevant stake holders.




Centers of Disease Control – Information System (CDCIS)




  • A shared repository of all the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Data can be analyzed and indicators can be collected centrally .
  • The interfaces built using open standards like web service assures integration with other ministries involved in the process. MMP and ROP will receive online updates regarding the CDC findings which will avoid any latency in further processing the employment record.
  • An integrated system also reduces the data entry efforts including the candidate registration at CDC.
  • The employee need not carry the papers between institutions.
  • Central system reduces the infrastructure cost.
  • The duplicate processing and abuse of the service can be eliminated due to data sharing between centers.
  • CDC clients can use the online booking system to book the service in advance. This also helps the CDC to improve the quality of service and manage its resources efficiently.


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