Al-Shifa is an integrated local healthcare information management system of electronic medical records that provides 360 degree view of the patient history and clinical information. This easily accessible information allows for accurate follow-up and treatment of patients. Furthermore, the system is installed in more than 200 healthcare facilities including non-MOH healthcare facilities.


The system is developed as a complete solution for healthcare facility management from electronic medical records to assets, inventory, and HR management. Therefore, it contributes to transfer health information accurately and quickly. Thus, improve the patient healthcare.


  • Easy access to health information anytime and anywhere.
  • Effectively allows to exchange information to integrate all service departments to provide systematic care delivery.
  • A comprehensive follow-up of patient care.
  • Reducing repetition in tests, procedures, and medications.
  • Reducing financial costs.
  • Patients are auto-alerted on appointments.

Al-Shifa System Data Sources:


  • Oman has achieved the 4th MDG.
  • This project was recognized by UNICEF in the middle of the 1990s for continual reduction of child mortality.
  • HM Best Award for eProject in 2010.
  • 2nd Prize in the UN Public Service Award for 'Promoting Gender-responsive Delivery of Public Services’ category in 2012.
  • WSIS Project Prizes in 2013.