About central initiatives

As the Sultanate of Oman spares no effort in providing effective government services that meet the needs of the citizens and residents in Oman, Information Technology Authority (ITA) carried out many central initiatives as it is considered to be the  the Chief Information Office (CIO) of ICT in Oman .
These initiatives aims at consolidating the government efforts in serving the public within the Whole-of-Government approach that aligns the efforts towards the common goals and frameworks determined earlier to invest on the government competencies. These initiatives are serves mainly to unify and integrate the government performance, utilize the available resources and to reduce the effort, time and expenses needed to get a service.

ITA takes the lead of the Whole-of-Government approach and supervises its performance to ensure that the efforts are complementary to each other. It also offers the consultation and support needed to boost the work towards achieving the government’s objectives. One of the essential central initiatives of the Whole-of-Government approach is Oman eGovernment Architecture Framework (OeGAF) which serves as a guide to the infrastructure, development, deployment and operations of Information Systems of the Government entities in Oman.

Besides, there are other central initiatives that contribute widely to the Whole-of-Government approach in the Sultanate such as:

  1. G-Cloud
  2. Invest Easy
  3. National PKI
  4. OCERT
  5. Information Security Division
  6. National Data Center
  7. Unified Government Network
  8. ePayment

These initiatives, in general, aims at promoting the ICT sector in Oman, facilitate paperless transactions and use the eservices provided by ITA through connecting all governmental units with secure information system.