The Constitution of Oman has guaranteed the right of men and women to participate in Shura Council to make national decisions. Both women and men have the right to vote in any national elections equally and freely with no restrictions. The political participation of Omani women began since the 2nd period of the council (1994-1997).

The political participation and representation of Omani women:

  • The percentage of women in the Oman Council for the 9th period (2019-2023) is 10%.
  • The percentage of women in cabinet members in 2020 is 11.5%.
  • The percentage of female ambassadors outside the Sultanate for the year 2020 is 6.6%.

Omani women in Shura Council:

  • The 8th period of the Shura Council (2015-2019): 21 female candidates.
  • The ninth period of the Shura Council (2019-2023): 40 female candidates.
  • Percentage increase in women's turnout for candidacy between the 8th and 9th period of the council: An increase of 50%.
  • Omani women constituted 11% of the total voters in the period (1997-2000), and the percentage rose to 44% in (2011-2015) and to 47% in (2019-2023).

Percentage of females on boards:

  • State Council: in the 7th period (2019-2023): 15 women out of 85 members, or 18%.
  • Shura Council: in the 9th period (2019-2023): two women out of 86 members, or 2.3%.
  • Municipal Councils: in the 2nd period (2016-2020): 7 women out of 202 members, or 3.5%.