The “Together Forward” forum is held annually as a participatory communication channel between the society and the government.

The first edition of the forum was held at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center on March 19, 2023, in the presence of nearly (600) participants, during which three themes were highlighted: Oman Vision 2040, Financial Sustainability, Employment and Labor Market.

The forum returned for its second edition on February 11, 2024, to feature topics selected by the public with decision-makers and to review government efforts thereon, while offering a space for dialogues and inquiries, in order to achieve the desired goals towards more effective and more transparent and far-reaching impact.

The main themes of the forum in its second edition included: Society and Citizenship, Education and Learning, Scientific Research and National Capabilities, Welfare and Social Protection, Health, in addition to the development of the Youth Sector, the Labor Market and Employment under the Economic System and the Omani Media.

Objectives of the Forum:
The Forum aims to:
  1. Enhance effective communication between the government and society to discuss challenges and live up to expectations.
  2. Involve citizens in the journey of construction and development through their constructive visions to support development policies and programs.
  3. Clarify the government’s directions and priorities at each stage, and inform the society of its policies, programs, and initiatives in a transparent and credible manner.

Key Initiatives:
The forum includes visual presentations, an interactive exhibition, a youth ideas marathon, and discussion sessions.

The Idea Makers Initiative emerged in the second edition of the forum in order to empower the citizens and direct their innovations and creative ideas to support government projects, decisions and policies to meet the aspirations of the society and the objectives of Oman Vision 2040.

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