About the initiative:

The Riyada Academy is an online training platform launched by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEsDA),aims to empower individuals, develop their comprehensive skills in the field of entrepreneurship, and support them in developing their enterprises. The platform provides a variety of courses and programs serving as a roadmap that shows practical steps toward successful SMEs in an exciting and creative way. 


1. Training and qualifying entrepreneurs, SME owners, and artisans by providing several online courses and programs to help them grow their businesses successfully.
2. Enabling participants and refining their entrepreneurial skills to manage and operate their enterprises more efficiently, following the best global and digital practices.
3. Keeping the new businesses aligned with the digital transformation of government services and providing a supportive electronic environment for the development of SMEs.

Target group:

1. School and university students
2. Government and private sector employees
3. Entrepreneurs and craftsmen
4. Job seekers and retirees

Courses & programs:

● Basics of entrepreneurship 
● Feasibility study and market analysis 
● Marketing & financial skills for entrepreneurship 
● E-commerce program