The National Program for AI and Advanced Technologies :


The National Program for AI and Advanced Technologies 2020 was established in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology as one of the executive programs of the National Program for the Digital Economy. Its primary objective is to support the strategic direction towards artificial intelligence and advanced technologies in Oman to encourage adopting and localizing such technologies by drawing insights from international experiences and conducting meetings and workshops with partners from the public and private sectors, academics, and entrepreneurs interested in artificial intelligence and advanced technologies.

● Preparation of an integrated national action plan for AI and advanced technologies (policies, legislations, capacity-building, research, innovation, industrialization, investment and supporting the establishment of emerging companies).
● Coordinate and cooperate with partners from the public, private and academic sectors to facilitate sharing the requirements of AI and advanced technologies and integrating with ongoing projects and initiatives.
● Communicate and coordinate with national and international organizations and bodies on related issues.



● The first pillar: Enhancing the productivity of the sectors targeted for economic diversification
● The second pillar: Development of human capabilities in AI
● The Third pillar: Accelerating AI Adoption
● The Fourth pillar: Governance of AI applications and Advanced Technologies for a Human-Centered Vision


Smart city initiative:


Smart cities are the geographical area (where people live and work, whether urban or rural) designed with advanced capabilities to allow access to several services based on advanced Internet infrastructure.
It is a national initiative within the National Program for the Digital Economy and the  National Urban Development Strategy in order to build sustainable and integrated smart societies.

Objectives of the smart cities initiative:


● Facilitating and enabling smart city innovations.
● Providing and testing smart solutions aimed at dealing with smart cities' challenges.
● Raising awareness of the importance of smart city solutions.
● Developing an approach to the national smart city vision and strategy.

Sultan Haitham City :


Sultan Haitham City is an urban icon, a legacy for the future, and a sustainable gift from His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq - May God protect him - for citizens and future generations. The city is significantly important as it is the first building block for upcoming projects and a new model for sustainable cities that simulate modern life and the aspirations of young people in the Sultanate of Oman.

مدينة السلطان هيثم


The entity running the program:


Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology


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The Executive Program for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies


The Executive Program for AI and Advanced Technologies