The Ministry of Labour follows the guidance manual, issued by the Ministry of Transport ,Communications & information Technology, which regulates and illustrates the participation policy in social media channels

  • Participation Electronic Policy

All categories of the society could participate in the social media channels related to the Ministry, by discussing the various issues, topics and phenomena regarding the labor market in the private sector, which contribute and assist in formulating decisions and laws by decision makers in the Ministry and this manual has been prepared to act as a guidance tools for the users, as it includes a set of guidelines on the methods and means of electronic participation, which will have a positive impact on the Ministry`s objectives.

  • Controls And Provisions

The Ministry has the right to ban, or delete specific topics from the content, such as:

  • Comments/ Tweets which are not relevant to the topic on discussion.
  • Any language insulting region or expressing discrimination.
  • Comments/ Tweets which support illegal activities, or violate any legal, or intellectual property rights.


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