The National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh)

Overview and Goals

Tanfeedh is a government initiative that aims mainly at linking the strategies of the main vital sectors of Manufacturing, Tourism, Transport & Logistics, Mining and Fisheries to each other in order to diversify the national income resources and fulfill the objectives of the Ninth Five Year Development Plan 2016 – 2020. It also works towards a sustainable participation between the public and private sectors.

Tanfeedh will be identifying the challenges and opportunities of the government projects and community by outlining an inclusive roadmap with the participation of the public to ensure better solutions and fulfillment of KPIs of the government. The main objectives of Tanfeedh are:

  • Accelerating the pace of executing economic diversification plans.
  • Assist the Government to utilize the best economic and social planning practices, put its budget in projects with good economic returns and added values.
  • Achieve the goals, programs and policies for economic diversification as identified in the Ninth five year Development plan.
  • Provide a clear and sound plan to increase foreign and domestic investment in the Sultanate.
  • Enable the Sultanate to upgrade its competitiveness in the various economic and social indicators.
  • Support organizations to implement projects and plans based on best practice.
  • Enhance execution efficiency and strengthen cooperation and participation between stakeholders.
  • Provide clear KPIs and objectives, complemented by an accurate mechanism for monitoring execution.
  • Specify no less than 80% of non-government Capital investment to finance the program’s initiatives.
  • Increase Oman GDP.

Engaging community

Towards an efficient implementation of solutions, Tanfeedh is outlining detailed measurable strategies, designate responsibilities, resources, implementation timeframes and KPIs. These elements will be reflected through periodic reports on the implementation and they will be shared with the public to keep them updated and engaged in the process. This is one of the main three strength points of Tanfeeth where the other two are: Commitment and close supervision of the government, and the flexibility and operational independence. There will be participants from the public in the labs carried out by Tanfeedh. These labs are responsible for putting plans, monitoring performances, amending laws and regulations, preparing roadmaps and other main tasks throughout the program. Tanfeedh has been active in interacting with the community through social media channels. It carried out a survey (Community Participation) to get into the community’s awareness and expectations of the program.

    Tanfeedh is present as follows:

Tanfeedh labs

The core of this program is running effective discussion labs with the all stakeholders, partners and participants in the main sectors, namely manufacturing, logistics, tourism, fisheries and mining. This is achieved through the Lab mechanism, which will be held individually and collectively to achieve an increasing the national income, invest the private capital and provide more job opportunities for citizens. The labs will be attended by 200 decision makers from the public and private sectors along with participants from the public. These labs works on identifying and examining obstacles and limitations and try to overcome the challenges by making the necessary amendments to laws and regulations, prioritizing goals, providing funding for projects, agree on the assigned tasks, responsibilities and timeframes, and prepare detailed roadmaps to achieve the goals of the Ninth Five Year Development Plan. 

Measuring tanfeedh methodologyAverage Weekly Attendance and Daily TargetTanfeedh Labs

Tanfeedh Book

  • Through Tanfeedh Handbook, you can identify the national program to promote economic diversification (objectives, methodology, governance), and the steps that have been accomplished at this stage of the program. You can also get the output of the target sectors. 

Tanfeedh Reports

  • The results of the survey (Community Participation), which includes the distribution of participants demographically and by functional sectors and age groups and their qualifications, in addition to arranging the means of information by which the society defines the implementation of the sectors that the participants demanded to discuss in the implementation and many reports. The output of this survey can be found at the Survey Results page.