“Takamul” is an under-development national project that aims to automate processes related to project management and government procurement to develop the current online tender procedures Platform “Esnad” to be faster, easier, and more inclusive.

  • Following the e-government digital transformation initiative.
  • Draw a practical framework for managing government projects and procurements.
  • Build an inclusive and integrated database for government expenditures.
  • Enhance the accuracy of data-driven strategic planning.
  • Promote transparency.
Features of Takamul
  • Automate procedures.
  • Develop and update the system with new services.
  • A centralized platform for suppliers and contractors.
  • Employ the latest technologies to analyze data.
  • Interactive dashboards and instant statistical reports.
  • Public community members participated online to choose the name of the platform. The four proposed names were presented through the official account of The General Secretariat of The Tender Board on Twitter for the public to vote upon. “Takamul” was the name the majority voted for.