A Smart City is a place designed to access real-time data (economy, environment, transportation, education … etc.) using smart devices to improve people’s health through smart care, well-being, and smart living. Specifically, intelligent devices aim to explain, predict, understand, and improve the following areas:
  • city logistics, mobility
  • Smart living
  • Environment & energy
  • Citizen e-participation and engagement
  • Big Data analytical solutions
  • ICT infrastructure and IoT
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart education and economy
  • eMarketing approaches

Smart City Platform

Oman has been one of the forerunners to create a Smart City Platform to promote a knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaborative environment among smart cities stakeholders. The platform encourages innovations through funding research and hosting hackathons and innovation competitions.


1.Smart Omanuna

This initiative aims at building a central hub for all smart initiatives in Oman and build a bridge between the companies that offer smart solutions to the government, businesses and SMEs.

2.Smart City Platform Ambassadors

Towards raising awareness about the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Sultanate, the Smart Cities opened the chance for volunteers interested in the field to contribute in spreading knowledge about the new technologies and elements of the 4th Industrial Revolution elements.

3.Smart Cities Without Borders Symposium

The online Without Borders Symposium was organized by Oman Smart City Platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing smart cities before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, it aimed at finding solutions by exploring the areas of experiences of professional researchers and practitioners worldwide to stay up-to-date in the related challenges, solutions, technologies and trends in smart Cities globally.


Hackathon is a competition where skilled people gather to solve real industrial and societal issues with smart, creative, and effective solutions. Hackathon supports the idea of involving and empowering the local community where its members meet for a full day in a common space where knowledge is shared and co-created.

4.Funding Research & Innovation
6.Smart City Talks

Smart Cities Platform Phase Two

The 2nd phase of Smart Cities Platform will be called “Smart Cities and Governorate”. It is becoming one of the programs of Oman Vision 2040, aiming at developing policies, infrastructure, projects, capabilities and skills in smart cities and governorates that provide services using modern technologies to improve the quality of life.