Shifa is an electronic platform that provides technical services and solutions in the health services sector in Oman and allows patients to access health information easily. It is developed in web and mobile versions. shiffa logo
The platform is the central hub for all government health care centers and hospitals. As a backend system, it is used by medical staff to follow-up patients and grant a consistent assessment of their medical condition across the different healthcare facilities in Oman. Besides, it provides citizens and residents an access to online medical services, consultations and other related health information that keeps them involved through the treatment journey.


The application provides 16 services and features:
1. Personal information 
2. Medical reports 
3. Medical history 
4. Family members
5. Appointments 
6. Medications 
7. Medical examinations
8. Vaccines 
9. Procedure reports
10. Documents Referrals
11. Vital signs 
12. Organ donation 
13. Scheduled appointments 
14. Blood donation 
15. online chatting & virtual clinic


Community Participation:

● Engaging the community by introducing this Platform with medical services and facilities that match their needs and expectations.
● Receiving e-notifications to notify patients to collect their medications and schedule their appointments.
● Enabling individuals to  book   their medical appointments in health centers online.
● Giving users an easy access to their medical information and health services.
● Availability of e-forms such as organ donation form.


    Planned Improvements:

    ● Enhancing some of the available services, such as online chatting with doctors, to enable users to send photos and voice messages.
    ● Adding new services, such as self-check-in, e-payment, requesting reports, booking blood donation appointments, and asking for help and support.