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The term ‘Sablah’ is a traditional Omani tem that means a hall or a room where all people of a village gather to have their discussions and important conversations to make final decisions related to the village and its people. As an open online platform, Sablat Oman allows posting threads on which the citizens reflects their concerns and inquiries as well as giving them a chance to express their thoughts and opinions. There is a number of government entities participating officially in this forum such as the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) and Ministry of Education.

Government entities Activity in Sablat Oman:

The Public Authority of the Consumer Protection (PACP) stands as a good example of the government approaching citizens and embracing their concerns through this Forum where most citizens interact. Sablat Oman has dedicated a special section for PACP in which citizens can share their opinions, report incidents and post suggestions related to PACP’s tasks and responsibilities. There is a dedicated member assigned by PACP to respond to participants on this forum and to answer their questions and inquiries duly. Also, there is a section dedicated for the education and educational activities in Oman and it goes through the updates and challenges facing this field in Oman.

    Sablat Oman is present as follows: