Learn about the rights and duties of both beneficiaries and telecommunication service providers and major requirements, such as the quality of service provided, billing provisions, international roaming, advertising messages, and the beneficiaries' rights to their privacy and data confidentiality protected by service providers.

Target Audience
  • Beneficiaries of telecommunications services in Oman.
  • The licensed providers of telecommunication services .
  • Citizens.
  • Residents .
  • Governmental entities.
  • Public entities.
The platform objectives
  • Raise user’s awareness of their rights and duties towards telecommunication service providers.
  • Reduce the number of complaints and facilitate the process.
  • Determine the basic requirements to contract between those authorized to provide telecommunications services and subscribers (unified service agreement, service contract).
  • Determine the obligations of telecommunication service providers regarding the quality of services provided, such as billing, international roaming, commercial or advertising messages, the confidentiality of beneficiary data, and protecting children using telecommunications services.
  • Regulating the relationship between telecommunication service providers and beneficiaries.
  • Fewer complaints .
  • Faster and effective transaction completion.
  • Create secure and more reliable platforms for children’s use.
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