Guiding Words:

"We will protect our national interests, as they are the most important constants of the next phase, the directions and targets of which were set by “Oman Vision 2040”, with the prime aim of transforming all aspects of life. It is a true embodiment of collective national willpower. The success of this vision is the responsibility of us all, dear citizens, without exception, each one acting from his position and within the scope of his abilities and responsibilities"

Haitham bin Tarik Sultan of Oman


Vision Overview:

Oman Vision 2040 is the national reference for economic and social planning for the period of 2021-2040, and the source of national sector strategies and five-year development plans. It was put in place under the wise guidance of His Majesty the late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, and carried forward by His Majesty Haitham Bin Tarik.

After being developed with extensive participation by the community, Oman Vision 2040 was approved by His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik in 2020, then it was put into action as of early January 2021 and will remain in force till 2040.


Community Participation:

In order to enhance the role of the different sectors of the Omani society in building the future of our country, Oman Vision 2040 has developed a participatory approach at which individuals from different parts of Oman shared their views and inputs at different stages of the Vision development. It targeted the government and private sectors, civil society institutions, municipal councils, academic institutions, and other sectors such as women, youth, media professionals, people with special needs, university and school students, in addition to a group of expatriates.


Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit:

Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit was created by virtue of Royal Decree 100/2020 issued on August 18, 2020. The unit reports to the Council of Ministers and follows up on the work carried out by public and semi-government entities, and observe the roles of different sectors related to the vision’s programs, according to their respective capacities and mandates. The unit also provides necessary support and proposes appropriate solutions to existing challenges, while ensuring integration of efforts of all stakeholders in order to achieve Oman Vision 2040.