The program has been launched to support seed-stage tech startups by offering them services to accelerate their business growth. It aims to equip the targeted companies with the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate their growth and expansion into new markets and regions and promote the ICT value added.

Targeted Companies
  1. Seed Stage Startups: Tech startups that have secured funding and have released a minimum viable product with active users.
  2. Growth Stage startups: Tech Startups that have secured significant investments or are cash flow positive and have a scaling customer base, with an aim to generate revenue and expand the team.

Note: Priority is given to entrepreneurship card holders.

Services Provided
1.Specialized Consultancy
Startups are offered workshops and consultations with consultants and experts in Startup growth development. The consultants covers the following areas:
  • Marketing
  • Product Growth
  • Investment Readiness
  • Legal
Startups are given the opportunity to participate in local, regional, and international ICT events and receive support to promote their tech products and services by providing advertising space on the following platforms:
  • Outdoor (digital screens)
  • Bus advertisement
  • Social media platforms
3. Business Development
Startups are supported in exploring business and partnership opportunities.

Criteria to Join the Program
  1. Startups should apply through the online form on Sas website, available below.
  2. Average Annual Growth Rate. Growth may be either geographical, in terms of revenues, or an increase in the number of employees.
  3. Tech product that is produced or developed by the Startup.
  4. Active users and paid transactions.
  5. Active Commercial Registration.
Numo Program Application Form
For inquiries, contact Sas