Mobile-based early warning system:

The early warning system is developed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority together with the Civil Aviation Authority and telecom service operators to improve the national early warning system to effectively respond to emergencies and natural disasters.
The system sends e-notifications to all mobile phones in the target area that are using the local telephone service and it is subject to the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) developed by the International Telecommunication Union, which combines Cell Broadcast (CBC) and a warning and dissemination system.


● Enhancing the contribution of the telecommunications sector to the safety and security of citizens and society
● Promptly and easily warn as many citizens and residents in a specific area 
● Accelerate taking immediate measures to mitigate the consequences


1. The ability to promptly send e-notification alarms to people in a specific area in case of disasters and emergencies
2. Mobile phone users receive automatic notification alarms with a special loud ringtone
3. The notifications come in several languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu
4. Support 4 mobile network generations: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G
5. Notification alarms are also sent to visitors and tourists activating roaming mode in their mobile phones

Community Participation:

● Special specifications have been developed to activate the service in mobile phones in Oman according to the international standards that are available on the authority’s website. There is an ongoing plan to ensure the availability of the CBS features in mobile phones in Oman.
● Conducting awareness campaigns to educate the community on how to make sure that CBS is activated on mobile phones, through:
- Awareness campaigns through the digital media
- Journalistic interviews
- News stories 
- SMSs
- Early warning experiments carried out in different governorates
- Visual content in different languages
● Posting a URL on TRA's social media platforms to monitor people who have not received the notifications
How to activate early warning feature on your phone


● The capability of promptly sending alert notifications to everybody in the target area in no more than 10 seconds.
● The ability to control the target area