An initiative aimed at qualifying Omani youth with the top in-demand digital skills such as artificial intelligence, big data, programming, and application development. The initiative was launched by MTCIT in September 2022 in partnership with the leading local and global education and training institutions in the ICT sector, as part of the Executive Program for Digital Industry initiatives in the National Program for Digital Economy.
The initiative seeks to qualify 10,000 Omani youths and provide them with income-generating opportunities in the digital sector by 2025, as part of the ministry’s goals in the 10th five years plan in collaboration with the leading companies and institutions in the field, with digital skills by 2025, which will contribute to supplying the labor market with national competencies correspond to the rapidly evolving technologies and the growing need to invest in local capabilities.


● Creating a competitive environment for youths in jobs that require advanced digital skills.
● Bridging the gap between the digital outcomes and the market demands.
● Establishing strategic and sustainable partnerships with global and local institutions.


● Tech boot camps
a six-month-long intensive training program, focusing primarily on programming and advanced technologies, with the possibility of establishing a variety of paths according to the labor market needs.  

● Micro certificates in advanced digital skills
an online training program carried out through global and local platforms to qualify participants to hold a micro certificate in specific digital skills.

● Professional programs
Specialized professional qualification programs targeting leading technologies in the market, such as Huawei, Cisco, and Microsoft, and supplying the market with specialists holding professional certificates approved by technical companies.

● Tech competition
The competitions aim to encourage specialists and those interested in participating in local and global events and competitions. 

● Professional Tech certificates support

Aims to motivate ICT capabilities and specialists to earn professional certificates in order to enhance their skills and make them .. in the labor market.

Community Participation 

● Application available to everyone within the target audience.
● Instant benefit from the program by attending, learning, and acquiring new skills.
● Audience engagement with the content published through social media platforms.
● Social media influencers impact on youths to encourage them to participate and benefit from the initiative.


Numbers & Statistics:

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