The Campaign “Knowledge is Your Right ” (من حقك تعرف ) is an initiative launched by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). The aim of this Campaign is empowering users of telecommunications services and raise their awareness of their rights and duties, within the framework of the TRA’s awareness plans. This awareness is done through many online channels and mainly through an e-guidebook that is reflecting beneficiaries’ areas of concern through analyzing the complaints and inquiries inputs received by the Authority. The e-guidebook provides efficient answers to all the queries towards a full utilization of the telecommunication services in Oman. It also provides clear guides on how to submit complaints online through the TRA’s website.

  1. Empower users’ through increasing their awareness of their rights and what should they get in telecommunication services.
  2. Establish a comprehensive framework for for telecommunications services provision.
  3. Enhancing transparency levels and open communication channels with the beneficiaries.
  4. Reducing the number of daily inquiry through publishing relevant topics of interest to all users.
  • Published the e-guidebook on TRA’s website and its official social media pages.
  • The target groups engaged with the initiative hashtags.
  • An awareness booth was set up in the Authority’s headquarter to educate customers and visitors.
Numbers & Statistics:
  • Declining in the number of inquiries regarding the complaints submission process.
  • Providing a complaints submission service.
  • 5000+ views of the educational content on Twitter.
  • Observing the audience's positive response.
instructional video

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