In a continuity of providing healthcare through the health institutions, Ministry of health (internal link to the Ministry’s page) provides an online library   of educational material open for public. These materials are available as audio, video and text to be suitable for all community members. 
 This library enables citizens and resident to adapt a healthy lifestyle and quality day-to-day practices. The Digital Library is a  comprehensive source of information for  living happily with health conditions and challenges that might occur. Besides, all the material shared through health classes are saved as a copy in the Library to be available at any time after the event.


● Raising the quality of health life of citizens and residents 
● Facilitating access to health educational materials and resources  at anytime and anywhere. 
● Empowering individuals cognitively and encouraging self-learning about their health  and sharing the updates of any new health condition and how to deal with it. 
● Educating the community about the health services available and how to best utilize them . Material are available in visual, audio and text format .  

E-Library Topics:

● Child & Family 
● Women health 
● General & chronic diseases 
● Specific diseases 
● Other topics according to the latest local and global health conditions and developments

Educational Activities in the Library:

● Outcomes of the group discussions
● Content of educational lectures
● Content of educational campaigns