Antakhib App

An application launched by the Ministry of Interior prior to the third term of the elections of the members of the Municipal Councils to be the only official way for voting in the Municipal Council and Shura Council elections  , aiming for a better electoral process and effective political participation through giving citizens - inside and outside the Sultanate - the opportunity to cast their votes and choose their representatives easily.


● Improving the electoral process
● Promoting the community role in political participation  


● Available in App Store and Google Pay
● Adopts the latest security technologies:
1. Near Field Communication (NFC)
2. Facial Recognition

Entikhab App 

The application acts as a dialogue space that promotes community partnership in elections, allowing citizens to stay up to date on the whole process and keep up with recent updates and statistics. It also enables candidates to carry out election campaigns in accordance with the campaigning rules and guidelines, and to open a direct dialogue with voters through “My Page” service in Entikhab app and the elections website .


● Promoting e-participation by providing the opportunity to express opinions and ideas.
●   Facilitate access to information electronically for voters to catch up on the latest elections updates and results


● Keep up with voting statistics (per province, governorate, gender and age) on election day
● Viewing the initial and final vote counting indicators after the close of voting
● Receiving suggestions and complaints to enhance the electoral process
● Providing other services such as voter registration, candidate registration, and transfer of registration from a province to another.
Community Participation
e-Voting encourages as many members of society - who are added to the electoral register - and provides equal opportunities for them to choose their representatives and contribute to decision-making in the country.

Numbers & Statistics:

(2022 - First e-voting via Ankhetab app)
● Number of candidates: 760
● Number of voters: 288469 out of 731767 individuals eligible for voting.
● Voter turnout: 39.42 %