A yearly digital awareness campaign run by Royal Oman Police (ROP) together with Bank Muscat since 2020 in response to the technological updates and the growing number of internetusers worldwide, in light of the continuously changing cyber fraud trends .
The campaign targets all society members of all ages and aims to educate them on how to identify fraud, what are the consequences, and how to prevent it. It will be rolled out through educational videos across different online media channels, raising awareness of 3 trends of cyber fraud:
  • Social engineering.
  • Cryptocurrency fraud.
  • Bank transfer scams.
instructional video

Community Participation
The ROP provides citizens with a hotline to inquire and report cyber fraud and blackmail at 80077444

Numbers & Statistics
(Up to September 26, 2022)
Social media users engagement with the campaign videos under the hashtag (#لا_يغرك_كلامه):
  • Social engineering (Video #1)
    Reach: 32 million followers
    Engagment: about 14,000 interactions
  • Cryptocurrency fraud (Video #2)
    Reach: 6.6 million followers
  • Bank transfer scams (Video #3)
    Reach: 5 million followers
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