It is an online platform for filing complaints against telecommunication service providers in Oman. The beneficiary can escalate his complaint in the platform after failing to resolve the issue with the subscribed service provider.

Target audience:
  • All beneficiaries of telecommunications services in Oman.
  • Omani citizens.
  • Residents in Oman.
  • Governmental entities.
  • Private entities.
  • Entrepreneurs.
The Platform Objectives:
  • Facilitating complaints procedures for beneficiaries.
  • Establish a centralized platform that connects all service providers with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • Create a clear communication channel to facilitate beneficiaries' telecommunication procedures and the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority service.
  • Make it easier for beneficiaries to escalate their complaints if the service provider cannot resolve them.
  • Follow up the complaint process.
  • A noticeable improvement in the time taken to record and document personal data.
  • Higher response from service provider companies since there is a straightforward system and methodology.
  • Quick and effective complaint resolution.
Important links:
  • Consumer complaints (
  • Telecommunication Regulatory Authority