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About ICT lab:

The ICT lab was established by ministry of transport communications and information technology, and the Implementation Support and follow-up Unit (Tanfeedh). It was organized as a set of intensive discussions related to technology and communications, in the presence of stakeholders, decision makers, and experts; to produce a comprehensive list of initiatives, projects, and detailed programs linked to accurate performance indicators for the follow-up of their implementation.

ICT lab objectives:

  • Reinforcing IT as an economic sector that contributes to the national income.
  • Increasing ICT contribution to the gross domestic product.
  • Creating a dynamic industry for cyber security.
  • Offering ICT job opportunities for Omani youth.
  • Designing an apprenticeship program.
  • Making Oman a key aspect of the ICT sector.
  • Developing IT sector and enabling it to become an economic supporter that contributes to the diversification of the income sources.
  • Reviewing ICT sector’s challenges and opportunities to contribute to the sector’s development and enhance the national economy.
  • Providing a comprehensive Incentive Program to attract high-value ICT investment.

The Solutions to achieve the desired objectives:

  • Assist existing companies to expand their activities.
  • Establish new companies offering new products and services.
  • Benefit from public-private partnership programs.
  • Facilitate the procedures of attracting foreign investment.
  • Attract international companies to invest in Oman.
  • Allow innovators to develop products and services using regulation-free environments to reach international markets.

During the period of the workshop, the ICT lab discussed three main themes:

• Hardware & Software
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.
  • Software and applications development and commercialization.
  • Vertical-techniques applications: (financial, agricultural, and health technologies).
• Services
  • Infrastructure.
  • Cloud services.
  • IT Cyber security and information safety.
  • Professional and technical services.
• Enablers
  • Demand stimulation.
  • Incentives program.
  • Legislations and regulations.


The lab session has resulted in 11 key initiatives that encompasse 25 projects. The initiatives match the intended purposes of the session and they are categorized according to the three main themes.

Involving the community:

The ICT lab session focused on involving Omani youth in proposing projects and initiatives through Shurkum Youth workshop. The participants presented five main projects, and their discussions began with 16 ideas and then focused on five main projects that can be implemented around the same themes of the lab. It is worth mentioning that the involvement of society generally and young people particularly is a strong point for this initiative. It focuses on identifying youth aspirations, suggesting ideas suited to their ambitions, and developing plans for their future implementation.