1. What information can I find in this portal?
  2. What kind of services can I find here?
  3. How to contact us with your ideas?
  4. How to access services through the portal?
  5. How to register as Portal user – get my user name and password?
  6. Can I copy and use the contents from this portal?
  7. What should I do if I come across errors in viewing or using this portal?
  8. A Glossary

1. What kind of information can I find in this portal?

Welcome to your official e-Government services portal www.oman.om . You can know more about the services offered by Omani government entities, how to request them and as well as find the forms required to apply for these services here.
You are free to register with www.Oman.Om as an authenticated user with details from your National Identity or Residency card through any of eOman kiosks in the country. By becoming a registered portal-user, you can execute the electronic services provided in the portal.
Useful contact details of all government agencies of Oman, diplomatic offices and embassies made available for you as a single archive. Resources related to legal documents, texts of official law, etc. are also linked from official sources in this portal for your quick access.
This portal is an interactive platform for you to access e-government services and also give your valuable opinions, feedbacks, suggestions and criticisms openly and we are keen to listen to your reviews to improve this portal.

2. What kind of services can I find here?

Since its launch in November 2009, this portal is steadily growing and it currently compiles service information from over 46 government entities and presents them in a standard electronic format. Samples of the Forms to request these applications are also available online for download in Microsoft Word or Pdf format.
You can find information about over 650 services (continuously growing) from the different government entities in Oman, here with details about the procedures and documents involved and applicable fees if any.
Electronic services:About 90 of these services are executable online and they are provided either directly from this portal or as link to respective government agency’s site that provides the service.
Integrated services:You can execute over 14 e-services are fully integrated end-to-end (in full cycle) from this portal without any need to physically visit the government office offering you the service.

3. How to contact us with your ideas?

Kindly use the Contact Us form, to give any feedbacks or suggestions in issues related to this portal contents, information or service offered by any of the government entities and we would inform them appropriately.
Your feedback helps to improve this website and we sincerely wish to serve you better in all possible ways we can. You can also contact us at our toll-free telephone number 80077777 for getting direct help from our support team.
We are keen to interact with you about the various government services and for this we are open to discussion on prominent social media platforms such as Facebook , YouTube and Twitter .

4. How to access services through the portal?


  • Services offered to you in this portal are grouped in segments to be more relevant to your personal profile or themes for action.
  • They have been grouped as found relevant and presented to you along with contextual information through clear navigation paths. You can locate e-services based on your profile: Government, Business, Citizen, Resident or Visitor.
  • You can also access the services offered based on the entities list by clicking on the “A-Z Entities” link on the top of each portal page.
  • Alternatively you can search for specific service information by using the “Search” box on the top.
  • Action based drop-down lists “How do I…” on the portal also make it easy for users to select the service they wish to access
  • Most often used services are listed under each profile section, while the e-Services that can be executed completely online are marked with e.Oman icon.


5. How to register as Portal user – get my user name and password?

You may browse the public contents of this portal freely. But if you wish to use any of the services offered online through this portal, you need to register yourself as a valid user with unique identity. For this you have to access e.Oman kiosks and register yourself with your original National Identity or Resident card.
After this you have to ‘Login’ to this portal to receive your authorization code via an SMS to your mobile phone and proceed to activate your account for the very first time through the web portal. From then on you can securely access and execute portal services online. For more details click here Login
In case you lose your password, you will have to ‘Reset password’ at any of the e.Oman kiosks and follow the instructions at portal registration page Login.

6. Can I copy and use the contents from this portal?

The content of this portal including but not limited to information, images, graphics, video or other multimedia, software and links are the Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Transport, communications and Information Technology of Oman and are copyright protected. You can read these contents and link to them freely.However if you require to copy and use this information for academic or research purposes kindly get in touch with us using the online Contact Us form.

7. What should I do if I come across errors in viewing or using this portal?

You can access the helpdesk team, by calling the toll-free number 80077777 from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We appreciate your efforts in reaching us. We have bilingual (English and Arabic) staff working round the clock to clear your doubts, fix errors and help you to make your portal experience easy.
In addition, you can also tell us your problems through the Contact Us form available on the portal. We will attend to you as soon as possible with clarifications.

8. A Glossary:


No.The TermDefinition
1  KIOSK A device similar to a computer (a monitor, keyboard and stand) fixed in a public place. It provides self-service for the customer at any time.
2RSSA service that provides continuously updated headlines and content of a certain website to a list of subscribers. It is short for “Really Simple Syndication”.
Site MapA page that performs as a help tool and contains the elements of a website in a subjective classification method, without the need of navigating the website while looking for a specific topic.
4Integrated e-servicesThe e-services in which the e-portal integrates with the entity that provides the service. The integrated e-services are available on the e-portal.
5Linked e-servicesThe e-services linked to the e-portal via hyperlink. The e-portal redirects the request of a linked e-service to the provider’s (entity) website.
6AccessibilityA feature added to a website in order to guarantee a smooth usability of its content for the widest range of users, including individuals with disabilities.
7eParticipation A mean of online communication with the decision makers and responsible individuals through their e-portal or website in order to facilitate and enrich the dialogue for a better media and society.
8CKCCKC is an abbreviation for “Community Knowledge Center”. Supervised by MTCIT, these Centers are spread across the Sultanate to provide digital literacy to all society members, including people with disabilities. They introduce methods of utilizing ICTs and encourage better community participation in building society.
9WCKCAn acronym for “Women Community Knowledge Center”, it is aCKC designed to provide top quality digital literacy training especially for women. There are several WCKCs around the Sultanate and all are under the direct supervision of MTCIT, with cooperation from Omani Women Associations.
10Inclusion To promote quality of life by minimizing differences between members of society in aspects such as education, health, financial and digital literacy.
11ICTShort for “Information and Communication Technologies”, it includes all the tools, means, and devices, in which the user can send, receive, edit, share and restore information across the world using a wide range of communication technology devices.