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  • Request submitted by scholarship students enrolled in specified internal scholarship programs (for a diploma qualification) to continue their education (for a bachelor's degree), on the condition that they successfully complete the diploma requirements and achieve a cumulative GPA of not less than (2.9) on a general scale (very good and above)/ or its equivalent in different academic systems.

    Conditions and regulations:
    • - The student should be among the students who have a seat in the programs of internal missions (for the diploma qualification).
    • - The student’s success with the requirements of the scholarship that is sent to (diploma) with a general grade (very good) and higher than that of no less than a cumulative rate (2.9) or what is equivalent in various academic regulations.
    • - The student should not be registered at the special alimony to restore courses to achieve the required rate.
    • - Acceptance of (request to continue studying for glorious students) depends on a bachelor's degree on the availability of financial credits.
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